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Carden Arms 
A cask ale hub

"Most people hate the taste of beer to begin with. It is, however, a prejudice that many people have been known to overcome." 

Winston Churchill

Here at The Carden Arms real ale is at the very heart of our proper village inn, aiming to serve the community for a pint and chat with friends alongside our first-class pub dining experience.


Since 2016 - when we re-opened this much-loved village hostelry following a very painstaking renovation - more than 200 beers have flowed through our pumps. 


There are five hand-pulled beers on the bar, carefully chosen from across the eclectic taste range of fine cask-conditioned ales now available: from traditional style bitters to light and zesty blondes. We wish to delight both long-time ale lovers and those ‘cask rookies’ just starting out on a road of discovery. 

We seek to be the real ale hub between Chester and Whitchurch with an unrivalled choice often featuring breweries from Cheshire, North Wales and Shropshire alongside our current core beers of Timothy Taylor Landlord and Peerless Triple Blond. Test tasting is encouraged and, oh yes, we have a healthy discount on all beers between 5 -7 pm during the week.



Landlord is an iconic traditional Yorkshire pale ale. Family-owned Timothy Taylor has brewed for more than 160 years and moved its present home at Knowle Spring Brewery, Keighley, in 1863. So, 'appen they know what they are doing.

The brewery is named for the soft Pennine spring water which flows below, filtered through limestone rock. It joins with Scottish Golden Promise barley - normally used for malt whiskies - and whole leaf traditional British Goldings and Fuggles hops with Slovenian Styrian Goldings for aroma. Then there's their own 'Taylor's Taste' yeast, with fermentation and conditioning for 10 days for a vigorous 'secondary fermentation'; web it lands in the cellar it's best not mess with it for at least two days. 


There is a very consistent and balanced classic pale ale, with a clean, crisp character, citrus notes and a gentle sweetness set against a long, moreish bitter finish. As a dedicated regular tells it: 'blinking nectar' or some such anyway. Good with out locally sourced steaks and lamb or fish 'n' chips. 


Great British Beer Festival Champion Beer of Britain and umpteen others. 



Peerless Triple Blond sports one of the simplest of beer monikers to tell you quickly what to expect: three malts and three hops collide very happily here . There’s pale malt of course but also a touch of lager malt and wheat, for a richer, bready, body and rounded mouthfeel with good head retention.

Three lovely hops jump into the boil – British Admiral and First Gold with a touch of US Cascade – to be skilfully crafted for a gentle but moreish bitterness with an underlying light touch of fruity citrus on the finish to keep those tastebuds deliciously tickled. How do they do it? Well, Peerless, of Birkenhead, has been successfully brewing under Steve Briscoe for 15 years, winning many awards – so we think they must know a bit about balanced and highly drinkable ale. That’ll be triple pints all round then eh? 

Our Larger and Cider

Draught Delights



This traditional golden lager was first brewed in 1859 and is a crisp brew with a blend of quality hops. It has won awards from the World Beer Cup and Australian International Beer Awards.



Stowford Press is a traditional cider from family-run Westons in Herefordshire, produced with apples from orchards within a 50-mile radius. A pale straw, medium dry sparkling cider it offers a fruity aroma and crisp apple flavour. Amongst awards down the tears took bronze and silver medals in the Bartenders Brand Awards 2023 and silver in the Global Cider Master’s Taste Awards 2022.

"A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it is better to be thoroughly sure..." 

Czech proverb. 

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