St. Patrick's Day - Saturday 17th march

happy st patricks day shamrock

Ah yes, Good old St. Patrick's day.

Don't we all have such fond memories of a great night out on this eventful day . . . . or at least memories . . . . or vague recognitions?   No . . . can't remember a thing? Neither can I. But it was a cracker I'm sure.

Guinness will be flowing, some terrible accents and the occasional 'To be sure' uttered by somebody with no shame.

Food? Absolutely...


  • Cream of Guinness soup, served in a pint glass . . cold


  • Malted barley, yeast and water. Slow-cooked until it darkens and served in a pint glass . . .cold


  • Cheesecake with a stout sauce, served without cheesecake, in a pint glass . . . cold

Be there or be four-leaf-clover-shaped

Alistair Logan