Pancake Day - Tuesday 13th February


There's just something about the 13th of February that makes you just crave pancakes. It may be a celebration before the start of your fast on Ash Wednesday . . or it could be that Tuesday falls just too early in your working week to be much fun (I mean at least Monday knows it's awful) . . . or it could be that the 14th of February is in fact Valentines day and stuffing yourself full of yummy pancakes just seems like the right thing to do to cheer you up.

Whatever your reason, we're here to help. We'll be holding a little pancake flipping competition in the evening and you should come and join us.

If you win? The Prize? Well . . it's a pancake, but it's up to you whether that pancake is basking in the glory of victory or drizzled with bits of paint from the ceiling . . you decide!

Come and join us.

Alistair Logan