Our Favourite Tipples

We pride ourselves on providing five of the finest local cask ales and beers, so we are sure you’ll find one that fits. We’ve got a fantastic list of carefully-tasted wines… and if you’d like to try something extra special, cast your eye over our ‘Classic Wines’ list.


Cask Ales and Beers

Weetwood – Eastgate – 4.2%

Lovingly crafted Cheshire ale. A robust foretaste with a terrific blend of fruit and hops and a long smooth finish. 


Salopian – Shropshire Gold – 3.8%

This is our easy-drinking number. Superbly balanced golden ale with a gentle hoppiness and a dry finish.



White Wines

Paparuda Sauvignon Blanc, Estate Selection 2015 (Transylvania)

21st century wine making, from a culture that’s been making wine for over 3,000 years. Duty Sauvignon at its best.

Bundeena Bay Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough (New Zealand)

This family estate focuses on extending the trademark tropical fruits to an approachable, passionfruit-rich, zesty palate. Yummy.



Red Wines

Merry Mole Merlot (Moldova)

Merlot is a tricky little blighter, the classic styles are oakey and laced with chocolate, while the modern varieties are plummy and sweet. Old world versus new world in every sense. The Moldovan approach blends the best of both, the perfect crowd-pleasing wine.

Don Enrico Malbec, Mendoza (Argentina)

This Argentine Malbec flourishes embracing bold punchy red fruits interweaved with sweet oaky vanilla.